Stable Lights | Lighting For Stable Yards

Stable Lighting Ruby Rose Horseboxes are always keen to partner with specialist equestrian companies, one such partner is RCS Electrical, offering a high level of service fitting stable lights, security lighting and arena lighting. For more information or a no obligation free quote please contact RCS electrical on 0800 0029197

Installing lighting for your stable yard is no easy task and is best left to a professional, while proper lighting can bring your landscape alive with a subtle beauty, the wrong kind of lights and lighting techniques could turn your 'stable yard' by day into a barren desert at night. To avoid that scenario, when you design and plan a lovely sanctuary for your self and family, it is natural you would want the very best for your time, money, and efforts, with no compromise on quality. With skillful planning, any plot of land can be transformed into a beautiful environmental for you and your horse! Outdoor lighting can be electrical, gas, or even lit by oil. Invested with a timeless charm, gas lights are best suited for garden parties, providing soft yet adequate illumination. An advantage of the gas light is that, when electricity fails, it can be used for emergency lighting purposes. Oil lights are another attractive choice for gardens. Oil lights emit a warm, flickering light that appears most beautiful when glinting amid garden shrubbery. With light, the oil lamp also gives out heat, making it an excellent choice for outdoor occasions in chilly weather. Solar Lights are environmentally friendly and help conserve energy. However, because of their cheap and efficient nature, electric lights are the most popular and are the usual choice for outdoor lighting.

Electrical outdoor lighting is very versatile, and comes in different types of lights and light fittings that can enhance the visual appeal of any landscape. The Bollard outdoor light incorporates electrical light fittings in a standard bollard. There are tall and short Bollards that offer different lighting effects. These lights can be used to line garden paths and driveways for lighting and adornment. Exterior Wall Lights are usually installed in garages, porches, entry ways, and sides of houses; where stronger light is called for. With Inground lighting fixtures, skillfully uplight trees, walls, or any other special outdoor feature, the light can be installed on ground level in concrete, tiles, wood and even on the lawn. The Step Light is the perfect lighting system to illuminate steps and grounds, where required. Step lights can be fitted flush into masonry or woodwork. Pool Lights are a range of light fittings to light up your swimming pools and garden ponds, for that surreal aqua radiance.

Using a wide range of outdoor lighting products, it is possible to combine a range of lighting effects to create an impressive panorama. Washing, shadowing, downlighting, and uplighting are different lighting techniques that are used to highlight those special features in a landscape. In fact, lighting products can be so ornate and elegant that the light fittings themselves can appear as focal points in a garden!

Some of the established brands that supply quality outdoor lighting equipment are Denman Hadco Hunza Konstsmide Martin Muller and Steinel.